Hey guys, it’s Alyssa. Today I’m supposed to talk about something I want to stop that is currently happening in the world. So as a topic I chose; hunger. Hunger is a big thing in the world. We need food to feed our body to give our body nutrients, soon if you don’t eat food, your body starts to shut down. It only takes up to 21 days until you die of starvation. I read in an article called “Food and Agricultural Organization of the United States” (click the link to learn more) that starvation is mostly from poor income and employment issues.


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I think we are should be so thankful to have food to eat everyday. Some families allow people in the house to help themselves to the food in the cabinets whenever they feel like eating, but these kids and adults are suffering everyday. There is an amazing articles from National Geography by Tracie McMillan called “The New Face of Hunger.” About two parents who have a hard time providing for their kids, “I eat if there is enough… But the kids are the most important” Says the mom, read the article in the link above for more information on that.

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It’s time to make a change and help people in need, join schools programs, like a can food drive, which we are currently doing at my school! Just to know that you helped someone have a good breakfast, lunch, or dinner is very heart warming. You could even start a project on your own to change hunger! Taking part in little things can change the world, YOU can change the world!(: